Established in 2011, ServTech Global has proven its ability to rapidly implement and scale its unique transaction management technology, with demonstrated success in its 100% owned subsidiary businesses including real estate, mortgage broking, conveyancing and property management companies.

Since our inception, we've applied ourselves to disrupt traditional, self-limiting business models and mindsets and reset industry benchmarks in terms of realising efficiencies and mitigating risks, opening up a whole new world of opportunity for savvy business owners seeking a smart, versatile and sustainable transaction management solution.

What does our enterprise technology cater for?

Our workflow management technology allows back office transactional processes, procedures and tasks to be "mapped" logically in a way that responds directly to the workflow requirements of any process driven business.

Our technology caters for basic workflow requirements through to sophisticated enterprise solutions including:

  • CRM
  • Workflow Management
  • Incident Management
  • HR IS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Referral Application
  • Transaction Management
  • Training Matrix
  • Asset Management

Why choose ServTech Global for your transaction management needs?

Our transaction management technology has been developed with functionality and agility at the fore. Tried and tested in our own companies, we have an enduring commitment to ensuring our technology and our delivery model is continually improved, scrutinised and refined.

Some of the benefits of implementing our technology in your business include:

  • Maximise efficiencies and productivity
  • Reduce and make overheads variable
  • Enhance opportunities for cross selling
  • Exploit opportunities for increasing revenue and gross profit margins
  • Transparent, real-time access to daily business activity
  • A competitive advantage in ageing and rigid industries
  • Fully customisable, adaptable and responsive.

How does it work?

That's the best bit. Our technology services are available as stand-alone products tailored to the unique requirements of any business in any industry.

Businesses can also pay a "Fee for Service" per transaction, avoiding ongoing and unnecessary overheads, which can severely compromise the bottom line of a fledgling business.

In conjunction with our outsourced services, ServTech Global provides a Software as a Service platform offering a complete solution to improve the productivity and efficiency of any business.

We look forward to discussing more benefits of ServTech Global's unique workflow management platform with you today. Get in touch with us here.